Week of Gratitude 2024

Each year during the week of Valentine’s Day, Northwest Housing Alternatives shares the loves for five partners who have gone above and beyond to help us achieve our mission during the annual Week of Gratitude. Here are the five partners we celebrated this year:

Marsh McLennan

We started the Week of Gratitude with the Marsh McLennan Agency!

With Marsh McLennan Agency’s dedication to ensuring NHA has the resources and support we need, our partnership has led to a higher level of customer service for NHA staff. Their knowledge and experience in the marketplace mean that NHA staff have a better understanding of products and services. Their assistance and support are greatly appreciated.

Marsh McLennan Agency has gone beyond simply being our brokerage firm; their attentive and personalized support goes noticed and appreciated; their enthusiasm and excitement in supporting our nonprofit is felt by all. Thank you, Marsh McLennan Agency!


The Resource Development department would like to highlight CareOregon during the 2024 Week of Gratitude. CareOregon’s mission is to inspire and partner to create quality and equity in individual and community health.

This year, CareOregon is providing unprecedented support for NHA’s Resident Services program, which provides wrap-around services for NHA households. These supports–such as food box delivery, healthcare navigation, and eviction prevention education–help keep families and seniors stable in their homes and able to achieve their goals.

CareOregon’s grant to support the Resident Services program ensures that all NHA households have the supports they need to remain healthy and stable. We are so grateful for their support!

Lift Urban Portland

We would like to shower gratitude on our dear partner, Lift Urban Portland! With Lift UP’s support, NHA residents who are threatened by food insecurity are better served and supported.  Below you’ll see some of the incredible ways they support our residents, and yes it’s a lot!

First, they stock NHA food pantries at Roselyn, 333 Oak, Susan Emmons Place, and Upshur House to ensure residents at those properties have enough food as the need arises. Beyond that, they deliver monthly food boxes to residents who would have difficulty getting to a community food pantry, often because of age, health, or disability.

Lift Urban Portland goes a step further – they tailor the food boxes to accommodate residents with food restrictions, such as diabetes, food allergies, or religious restrictions. Most importantly, they focus on healthy items like fresh produce, which is rarer to get from other food provision programs.

That’s not all – they have also come to our properties to host free farmer’s market style events, where residents can get tons of really impressive fresh produce. Additionally, our residents find more support through our referral to Preston’s Pantry, a shopping-style free food pantry run by Lift UP.

Finally, Lift UP partners with NHA Resident Service Coordinators to run Supper Club, ‘healthy cooking’ classes that teaches residents how to make nourishing meals from nutritious ingredients they receive from Lift UP. At Supper Club, residents learn hands-on how to prepare healthy foods and everyone eats together at the end. Supper Club exemplifies Lift UP’s tagline “Food Brings Us Together.” Residents who participate feel more connected to their neighbors and 96% learn new ways to meet their nutritional needs.

As you can see, our residents get a lot of amazing support through Lift UP. Lift UP understands, as does NHA, that the physical housing structure is a piece of the equation. Access to healthy food leads to healthier individuals, families, lifestyles, and communities. In order to find stability in housing, other parts of life need to find stability too; health and wellness being a key ingredient.

Learn more about Lift UP by visiting www.lifturbanportland.org and follow them on Facebook (https://lnkd.in/gfM33Fha) and Instagram @lifturbanportland

Thank you, Lift UP!

SON Program

We are so grateful for our partnership with SON, Serving Our Neighbors, which is a coalition of local churches which serve others in our communities. For over a decade, they have been helping Northwest Housing Alternatives in various ways.

Until the height of the pandemic, SON was providing winter overflow shelters. Now, they remain a steady and dedicated partner by offering hot meals to those we serve through our Annie Ross Housing Services. Providing hot meals not only benefits families’ health physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Thank you very much to all the churches that comprise SON, including Prince of Life Lutheran Church, Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Willamette Falls, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, and Milwaukie Presbyterian. We appreciate your help and dedication to supporting our work.


Thank you to KeyBank for being a dedicated and engaged partner of NHA, especially during the development process of Emmons North and South affordable housing buildings. We are so grateful for their support through providing LIHTC Equity Investment, Construction Lending, Permanent Lending, and Public Bond Offering Services.

Both located in Northwest Portland, Emmons South is a four-story senior housing project and Emmons North is a six-story affordable housing building.

The construction process for Emmons has faced unforeseen challenges such as impacts from COVID-19, supply chain issues, record increases in construction interest, as well as new stipulations from a Historic Adaptive ReUse initiative in Portland. Through this all, KeyBank has been a supportive, engaged partner and we are so grateful for their partnership.

Thank you, KeyBank!