Week of Gratitude 2021

During our annual Week of Gratitude, we highlight our partners and collaborators that have gone above and beyond to keep our organization running smoothly. This year in particular, we have relied on the support of our community to continue having a big impact on the lives of the people that we serve. 

During this year’s Week of Gratitude, we celebrated:

J.D. Fulwiler
The team at J.D. Fulwiler not only sponsored our annual fall fundraiser Home Sweet Home, but also participated in the A Way to Give Back campaign. In addition to making their own donation to the campaign, they also challenged other businesses to take part in the campaign, helping to raise even more donations for our residents and shelter guests.

The Housing Authority of Malheur and Harney County & Kristy Rodriguez
Kristy Rodriguez, the executive director of the Housing Authority of Malheur and Harney County (HAMHC), and her staff are working closely with our development team to partner on a number of NHA’s and HAMHC’s projects in the Malheur and Harney county region. In particular, the Housing Authority will be providing referrals off their voucher waitlist, as well as supportive services for families that are working to regain their parental rights at NHA’s current affordable housing projects in Ontario.

In spite of the many challenges that Kristy and her team face, including working in the poorest region in the state and dealing with vast distances between the towns they are serving, the HAMHC team is transforming the role that rural housing authorities play in their communities.

Kristy and her team have been great collaborators and very supportive of the current projects we are working on. It is our privilege to work with her in various capacities to advance housing opportunities for the citizens of these important Oregon communities.

Clackamas Women’s Services
CWS provides emergency shelter and supportive services for survivors of victims of domestic or sexual violence.

Over the years, staff at CWS and the Annie Ross House have worked together to share best practices and ideas, but throughout the pandemic, our collaboration has grown even stronger. CWS has been donating perishable food to the families staying at the Annie Ross House and the participants in our HomeBase & Pathways programs. While NHA’s small food pantry has generally only included dry goods, during the pandemic we’ve tried to provide more fresh foods and perishables to the families we are serving.

We appreciate all the support and partnership from CWS, and we’re excited to continue working together to provide shelter to those Clackamas County residents who need it most.

This local consulting firm helps our Finance team navigate the ins and outs of the Sage accounting software they use on a daily basis. The team at Bennett/Porter is knowledgeable, easy to access, and they have guided us through numerous software challenges so that our team can focus on accounting!

Mainspring Portland
Mainspring Portland has been a powerhouse distributor of donated food and resources, feeding more than 2,000 people every day of the pandemic, including many of NHA’s residents in the Portland area.

During the pandemic, our Resident Service Coordinators have focused much more time and energy on delivering food boxes directly to the doors of the residents in our affordable housing. While our staff has provided the man power, Mainspring Portland has provided thousands of pounds of food to be distributed. Without their support, there is no way we could have provided as many food boxes to our residents throughout this difficult time.

We are humbled by the work that Mainspring Portland does for our community, and we’re honored to be a part of their network.