Walking tall

Getting ready to go back to school can be an exciting time. It can also be a daunting time for children in need.

As many of us can remember, having the right clothes and shoes means a lot when you’re young. For kids living in poverty, back-to-school shopping just isn’t possible.

Our partners at My New Red Shoes are trying to change this.

My New Red Shoes is a nonprofit organization that provides new shoes and clothes to school-age kids from low income families. Data shows that starting the school year without these items is a major barrier to school attendance, engagement, and performance. My New Red Shoes works with local organizations like NHA to provide these items for the families we serve.

This year, we were able to help 100 children living in NHA properties, resulting in over $7,000 in savings for these households. Kids received a brand new pair of shoes delivered in a personalized, hand-made gift bag that also contained a $50 gift card for clothing. Thanks to My New Red Shoes these young people will be looking good and walking tall on the first day of school.