Housing Development

Procuring and managing development projects is a strength of NHA. Our housing development team brings a wealth of experience and relationships to each project to ensure its success. Our team handles all pieces of the development puzzle from inception through completion and lease up. From construction of a new mid-rise in the heart of Portland, to the preservation of an essential affordable housing portfolio in rural Oregon, NHA developers handle all phases of the development process.  Part of our success is that we include architectural and construction partners from project inception to ensure accurate and timely responses to our clients and the communities we serve.


Growing the capacity of historically disadvantaged firms over the long-term has become an integral part of NHA development projects. Based on long-standing policies, NHA constructs and rehabilitates properties in partnership with certified Minority-owned, Woman-owned, or Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB). NHA also prioritizes contracting with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), and Veteran-owned firms as much as possible.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

NHA is deeply committed to constructing sturdy, well-planned properties expected to provide viable affordable housing opportunities for decades. With an emphasis on the “win-win” approach of reducing utility burdens for our residents and properties while limiting impact on the environment, NHA seeks to utilize best practices in environmental stewardship through construction while focusing on long-term durability within the scope of each project we take on.

We strive in all of our projects to meet an Earth Advantage Silver Standard, and in many cases we exceed this standard. For example, the new Operations Center being constructed as a part of the NHA campus redevelopment is designed to achieve Net Zero Energy Building Certification. This means the building will employ energy efficiency measures and onsite renewables to meet all of its heating, cooling, and electricity needs. It will be the first such project in the city of Milwaukie.

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