Sasha had been living at River Glen apartments for about nine months when she came down with an illness that caused her to be hospitalized. She was away from her family and could not work for over a month. After returning to health, Sasha was in financial trouble.

Sasha had always taken pride in her strong work ethic and her ability to provide a stable home for her 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son. But now she needed money for rent, transportation to work, and heat and electricity for her home. Sasha initially turned to friends, family, and coworkers for help, but did not find the assistance she needed. Winter was setting in and Sasha contracted the flu and had to miss additional work. Due to her lack of funds, Sasha knew she would be unable to pay her rent and could not get Christmas gifts for her children. When Sasha received a 72-hour eviction notice for failure to pay rent, she was at a loss. Sasha had experienced homelessness before and had to stay in a shelter. She did not want to be in that situation again, especially with two small children.

That’s when NHA’s Resident Services program intervened, providing support and reassurance. Luc, the Resident Services staff member, explained the eviction notice process to Sasha along with the potential outcomes. He then referred her to NHA’s Home Base program so she could secure emergency rental assistance to keep her housing. Luc was also able to link Sasha to utility assistance and provide a gas card to help her get to work. Finally, through coordination with the Annie Ross House, Luc connected Sasha to a holiday toy drive where she was able to get gifts and stockings for her children.

With her housing secure and her children happy, Sasha finally started to feel relief and stability once again. Asking for help was difficult for Sasha, but through it all she felt everyone who assisted her was kind and supportive. Sasha was very grateful for the help that Resident Services provided and was amazed by the way Luc remained in touch with her and gave her encouragement through this difficult time.

Since getting through this challenging experience Sasha has been able to pay all of her outstanding bills and has grown a modest financial reserve to cover any future emergencies. Realizing that other families experience some of the same challenges that she has, Sasha is now teaching her children about the things they can do to help others in need.