Resident Services

All of Northwest Housing Alternatives’ affordable housing properties have a Resident Services Coordinator who is available to link residents to community resources and organize community events which encourage engagement and support among neighbors.

The foundation of Resident Services is eviction prevention and housing stability services. All households are provided with information about lease compliance, tenant rights and responsibilities, and referrals to community supports which help them maintain their housing stability.

For properties which house seniors, Resident Services focuses on health and wellness and community connections in order to keep households living independently and avoid social isolation.

For properties which house families and individuals, Resident Services focuses on employment and education opportunities, youth development, and asset building. Our Individual Development Account (IDA) allows households to save for homeownership, post-secondary education, retirement savings, or vehicle purchase.

Resident Services (RS) coordinates community building activities and outcomes-driven programs to ensure that residents will increase their ability to maintain their housing, remain connected to employment and education opportunities, and participate in asset building opportunities. RS also coordinates recreational activities to promote social engagement and encourage social support and networking among residents and to cultivate resident leadership.

Resident Advisory Council

In order for programs to be effective and impactful, it is critical that participants be involved in the design, review, and continual updates to those programs.

To achieve maximum impact and incorporate this participant feedback, Northwest Housing Alternatives has a Resident Advisory Council which is an advisory group to NHA’s Board of Directors. Meeting on a quarterly basis, the Resident Advisory Council reviews organizational processes and provides feedback and guidance to NHA’s Board of Directors which helps us to design effective, responsive, and relevant programs for our communities.