Resident Services Health & Education Survey Results

Northwest Housing Alternatives


The Resident Services (RS) Program conducted a Health & Education Survey in March of 2019 at 12 Portland properties. In November of 2019, there was a followed up survey asking participants if they were able to access services they marked as a need in the initial survey.

The two part program evaluation was to measure the impact on housing stability with the assistance of RS Coordinators increasing awareness and access to services and resources.

91% of households maintained or increased their housing stability.


Emergency rooms were accessed by 34% of participants.

60% of participants had dental insurance.

2  households were interested in  pursuing higher education, with little to none saved.

33% experienced a difficult time without support.

43% of households have internet at home.


Positive changes occurred through insurance reviews with insurance agents, which may have resulted in better coverage, lower costs, and/or being insured for the first time. Accessing transportation assistance (28% increase), and being assigned a primary care provider (37% increase).

Households can enroll in the Individual Development Account Program, offered through CASA of Oregon.

Those in need were connected to mental health services, such as onsite group sessions, and/or one-on-one counseling.

Residents received information on low-income options from internet providers.


14% Increase in access to health care resources decreased ER visits.

77% Affordable insurance options increased the number of participants covered.

$24K Total amount participants are saving  towards college.

23% Increase in access to mental health services and resources reduced the number in need.

75% Awareness of resources increased the number of homes with internet

Through targeted assessments and referrals Resident Services can improve housing stability and quality of life for households living at NHA properties.