NHA Endorses HereTogether

NHA is proudly endorsing HereTogether, a Metro measure for more resources for people experiencing homelessness. At the heart of NHA is a belief that housing is the foundation for stability. It’s why we work with people who need shelter, prevent homelessness, and build affordable housing.

We are endorsing the HereTogether campaign because it aligns with our mission, and we believe that only together can we build real and lasting change for families and individuals experiencing housing instability.

NHA believes that no one should have to choose between food or healthcare and having a safe stable place to call home. As a leading non-profit affordable housing developer and emergency family shelter provider, NHA recognizes that a critical piece to the foundation the HereTogether campaign is building is uniting service providers. We vow to stand shoulder to shoulder as members of the coalition while working together to respond to the housing crisis and reduce homelessness in the Portland Metro Area. Housing ends homelessness, and community sustains housing.

We have the data that tells the story of how housing makes a difference in someone’s life. We have countless stories from our residents and clients about the difference it makes to have case management or support. We know that this is a solution to end the homeless crisis in our community. Join NHA in supporting HereTogether and vote “YES” in May.

To find out more details about HereTogether and to sign up to volunteer or receive lawn signs, visit: https://weareheretogether.org/