Milwaukie Campus Expansion



Starting in summer 2017 NHA will rebuild and expand its main Milwaukie campus. The current campus was acquired in the 1980’s and has grown one parcel at a time to fit our growing functions. Although the property is well maintained, many of the buildings were erected in the 1940’s. Due to increasing demand for services and measured growth within the organization, the community is no longer adequate to meet the community’s needs. This project will include 28 units of new, affordable housing, a highly efficient service and operations center, and an expanded Annie Ross House, currently the only emergency family shelter in Clackamas County. Included in the 28 units of affordable housing are five permanent supportive housing units designated for homeless families and two units reserved for military veterans.

The new community will be a social service hub where NHA and community partners can meet with residents striving to attain educational goals, access job training, help their children succeed in school and obtain other essential resources. Our goal is to increase high-performing, measurable programs that help families break the cycle of poverty and live healthy, independent lives. Enhancing the NHA campus in this way will usher in the next epoch of NHA’s leadership as an innovator within the affordable housing industry.

Annie Ross House Expansion

NHA has operated the Annie Ross House for 30 years, sheltering five families with children each night. Staff members connect families to social services, healthcare, food, nutrition information, job training, parenting skills and assistance to find permanent housing. Our goal is to help families achieve housing stability and give their children the best opportunity to succeed in school and throughout their lives.

With several cities situated within the Portland metropolitan region, Clackamas County has a growing population of over 400,000. The Annie Ross House simply cannot meet the increasing need for emergency family shelter in Clackamas County – it is filled to capacity every day of the year and typically has a wait list of several dozen families. For this reason, NHA is planning a 60% expansion in shelter capacity as part of the overall campus renovation. The new Annie Ross House will serve more than 70 households each year, an estimated 110 adults and 135 children.

Operational Impact

The campus redevelopment project is a modest undertaking for NHA; adding 28 new housing units and increasing shelter space by 60% are easily achievable. As a catalyst for the next iteration of growth, however, this project is monumental. It presents the opportunity to bring all NHA business lines to one physical location. After construction, Resident Services and Homeless Intervention programs will be physically together for the first time. These programs provide supportive services to tenants and coordination, advising, and emergency funding to people and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. This prevention focus reduces instances of homelessness and relieves pressure on other support systems. Co-location of these two programs alongside the Housing Development, Asset Management, Resource Development, and Administrative departments will enable collaboration and innovation difficult to nurture when operations are scattered. The result will be a fully aligned organization and improved operational economy.

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