Improving Health Access for Residents

Resident Services – Program Evaluator Yelena Yoznyuk recently completed a review of NHA residents’ awareness of health and wellness resources. After surveying over 200 residents, she found that many residents face barriers to accessing healthcare services.

For example, 7 percent of those surveyed indicated they did not have transportation to a doctor’s office or could not afford to take public transit to doctors’ appointments. One out of 5 residents who completed the survey did not fill prescriptions because of financial constraints.

Read the full report, with all of the findings, here. (PDF)
Read a plain text version of the report for screenreaders.

Based on the results of the survey, the Resident Services team is making changes to the program to help address the health and wellness needs of residents. For example, the client assistance budget is being reworked to include transportation funds that can help residents visit their doctors more often. In addition, the team is pursuing more partnerships with healthcare organizations to bring more resources into NHA’s 33 properties across Oregon.

The team will follow up with residents with another survey in 2020 to track progress and make adjustments.