Annie Ross House

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The Annie Ross House will be re-opening in September 2019!

We are looking forward to getting back into the new Annie Ross House, which will include 8 rooms for families, each with their own bathroom and kitchenette.

Currently, we are looking for donations to help make the shelter comfortable for families!

Click to see our wish list!

Despite the closure, we are still here to help. If you are a family with children in need of emergency shelter, please contact Coordinated Housing Access at (503) 655-8575 for assistance.

For more than 30 years, the Annie Ross House emergency shelter has been more than just a bed. It is a place to connect families to crucial social services, healthcare, emergency food boxes, job training, parenting skills, and permanent housing.

The Annie Ross House helps families experiencing homelessness transition into stable, affordable housing. To meet this objective, Annie Ross House shelter residents receive intensive case management from Family Support Specialists. This┬ápersonal support empowers people to keep their kids on track in school, meet their family’s health needs, and create opportunities for their future.

NHA staff members work with each family to assess their needs, identify their strengths, and develop a customized plan of action.