Annie Ross Housing Services

Annie Ross Housing Services (ARHS) is an array of housing services that can provide a continuum of care to families with children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The goal of ARHS is to secure and stabilize housing.

By utilizing the Housing First model and leveraging our reputation as a responsible and reliable service provider in Clackamas County, we are able to quickly transition families from homelessness into permanent housing. From there, we continue working with households to connect them to stabilization services and opportunities for growth.

As we focus on securing and stabilizing housing, we realize that some families may need a safe shelter space from which to do this work. At any time we can provide shelter opportunities throughout Clackamas County for up to 8 families.

Annie Ross Housing Services includes:

  • Case Management
  • Housing Navigation to Secure Housing
  • Shelter
  • Short Term Financial Assistance
  • Connections to Long-term Rental Assistance
  • Housing Barrier Removal Supports
  • Landlord-Tennant Relationship Support
  • Educational Support for Children
  • Connections to Wraparound Services

Are you experiencing homelessness in Clackamas County? Call the Coordinated Housing Access line at (503) 655-8575 for help and information about resources.

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