When Ginny was younger, her life was on the right track. She earned an associate’s degree in early childhood education and then completed a bachelor’s degree. She raised two daughters, worked, and rented an apartment in Eugene for many years.

But then Ginny began to have troubles and could no longer hold down a job. She was confused and didn’t understand why. Ginny sought help and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her illness made it difficult for her to differentiate between reality and delusions. Ginny was hospitalized for ten months. The correct combination of psychiatric medications finally reduced her delusions and allowed her to regain some mental balance.

Upon release from the hospital, Ginny moved to Fieldstone, a beautiful NHA group home in Wilsonville’s Villebois neighborhood. Fieldstone offers 24-hour care for adults with psychiatric disabilities. NHA owns and manages 57 group homes like Fieldstone, in which residents receive help with feeding, hygiene, dressing, transportation and access to psychiatric treatment.

Ginny’s mental health began to stabilize in this caring environment.

Shortly after moving to Fieldstone, Ginny noticed a construction site a few blocks away. She thought the apartments looked beautiful and mentioned this to her treatment provider. That building was The Charleston, one of NHA’s mixed-population properties. Among The Charleston’s 52 units, 15 are reserved for mental health consumers capable of living on their own.

Working with her mental health care provider, Ginny set goals to demonstrate that she was ready to live in an independent setting. She worked hard to show she had grown in recovery and could live safely by herself. Ginny continued to make progress and eventually moved into The Charleston to live on her own.

“Thank you for all your help moving me into my new apartment. It is very nice. My family and I are very happy.”