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Strategic Plan

NHA undertakes a comprehensive strategic planning process every 3 to 5 years. The current strategic plan includes long-term goals associated with NHA’s People, Places, Profile, and Processes.

2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan

Equity Reports

Equity means all people have an equal opportunity to meet their essential needs, advance their well being, achieve their goals, and shape their present and future.

NHA’s Equity Policy reflects an intentional commitment to apply an equity lens to our mission of creating opportunity through housing. We recognize that equity is a necessary foundation to achieve the best possible outcomes in our work.

Our Equity Policy requires that we promote equity in our leadership and organizational culture, our program design and delivery, and in the economic opportunities created by our agency. We know that achieving equity requires a continuous learning process of honest and thorough critical assessment, the establishment of meaningful goals, a commitment to learning, and willingness to change the way we do business.

2017 Equity Report

2016 Equity Report

2015 Equity Report

Impact Reports

2018 Impact Report

2017 Impact Report

2016 Impact Report

Financial Reports

2018 Audit Report

2017 Audit Report

2017 — 990

2016 Audit Report

2016 — 990

2015 Audit Report

2015 — 990