Home Sweet Home 2016

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Formed in 1982, Northwest Housing Alternatives’ (NHA) portfolio serves over 2,600 residents in 1,831 units in 16 Oregon counties. NHA has developed affordable housing with support from HUD, Oregon Housing and Community Services, and numerous local governments. Text link


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NHA has built expertise in funding projects using various innovative models. One example is HUD “Mixed-Financing”, which combines HUD 202/811 financing with Low Income Housing Tax Credits. NHA completed the third Mixed-Finance HUD 202/811 property nationwide in 2006 and subsequently completed three additional Mixed Finance projects.

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NHA is also a leader in affordable housing Preservation projects across Oregon. After being the first organization to use the Oregon Housing Acquisition Fund to purchase seven properties made up of 247 units of Section 8 Housing, NHA has gone on to pursue five additional Preservation projects.

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