Dave and Benny

Dave was homeless off and on since graduating high school. He had made some mistakes in his youth and his substance abuse history was a barrier to permanent housing. By the time he got in touch with Northwest Housing Alternatives he had lost custody of his son Benny and had been living in an old bread delivery truck for three years.

And then Dave decided to make a change.

He got clean, found a job and graduated college—all while still living in the bread truck. Dave was eager to reunite with his son but didn’t have enough money to afford an apartment.

Dave was so close—he just needed a little help.

After meeting with Dave and getting to know him, an NHA staff member, Denise, helped him make a plan of action with goals and progress benchmarks. Dave focused on his goals and did his part.

Denise helped Dave get a safe, affordable apartment and acted as a character reference to ease his new landlord’s concerns.

Finally, Dave had a place to call home.

Dave is now thriving, working in the tech field he studied in college. He remains clean and sober and has reunited with his son Benny. They are both stable in their housing and feeling hopeful for their future.