Mission and History

Mission statement

Northwest Housing Alternatives’ mission is to create opportunity through housing. NHA provides affordable housing options for families, seniors and people with special needs across Oregon.

Homeless Intervention Services are provided to families, couples, singles, older adults and people with disabilities in Clackamas County through the Annie Ross House and its sister program, HomeBase. Northwest Housing Alternatives’ properties are enriched with Resident Services to provide our residents with opportunities to live healthy, stable, and fulfilling lives.


Formed in 1982, Northwest Housing Alternatives’ (NHA) portfolio serves over 2,800 residents in 1,865 units in 15 Oregon counties. NHA has developed affordable housing with support from HUD, Oregon Housing and Community Services, and numerous local governments. NHA funds projects using various innovative models. One example is HUD “Mixed-Financing”, which combines HUD 202/811 financing with Low Income Housing Tax Credits. NHA completed the third Mixed-Finance HUD 202/811 property nationwide in 2006 and subsequently completed three additional Mixed Finance projects.

NHA is also a leader in affordable housing Preservation projects across Oregon. After being the first organization to use the Oregon Housing Acquisition Fund to purchase seven properties comprising 247 units of Section 8 Housing, NHA has gone on to pursue five additional Preservation projects. NHA is committed to building green homes, and our Village at the Headwaters won the 2010 MetLife award for best practices in green senior living. NHA is always working to enhance our portfolio’s sustainability and works closely with local partners to drive innovations in our field.