Northwest Housing Alternatives’ mission is to create opportunity through housing. NHA provides affordable housing options for families, seniors and people with special needs across Oregon. NHA also provides rapid re-housing and stabilization services through our HomeBase program.

Home is a place of safety and retreat, a place where family and community can grow. For some Oregonians with low incomes, having a place to call home is out of reach. Low wages or fixed incomes combined with the high cost of housing forces these families to choose between rent, utilities, nutritious food, medications and other basic necessities. NHA works to alleviate those pressures for low-income families and provide new opportunities through quality affordable housing.

NHA Leadership

Board of Directors

Steven Phan, President
Kelsey Heilman, Vice President
Barbara Smith, Treasurer
Jake Kirsch, Secretary
Vitoria Rae, member
Rosetta Akin, member
Marilyn Cohen, member
Roberta Ando, member
Melissa Meadows, member

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NHA Management

Trell Anderson, Executive Director
Lindsay Hallberg, Director of Finance & Accounting
Ray Hackworth, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Asset Management
Destin Ferdun, Director of Real Estate Development
Kristin Barber, Director of Philanthropy & Resource Development
Natalie Thompson, Director of Programs & Equity
Scott Brumitt, Resident Services Manager
Felecia Waters-Ransfer, Human Resources Manager
Peter Tompkins-Rosenblatt, HIS Program Manager
Dawn Mott, Operations Manager
Zach Schroeder, Manager of Asset Management

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