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русский - Март - апрель
русский - январь - февраль

Community Resources:

  • #211
    Phone: 211
    A free resource that connects you to services near the area you choose. Can give you leads on housing, financial assistance, employment, veteran resources, family health & support, and education.

  • Oregon Helps
    Oregon Helps is an online tool to help screen your eligibility for national and state assistance programs.

  • Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)
    Phone: (503) 945-5944 (M-F 8:00am-5:00pm)
    A government funded agency used to provide services to Oregonians such as food, financial/housing stability, mental and physical health, and family affairs.

  • Cash Oregon
    Phone: (503) 243—7765 (M-F 8:3-am-4:30pm)
    Provides financial education and programs through partnerships with organizations such as AARP and Innovative Changes. Services are available to low-income individuals and families of any age or demographic in the Portland Metropolitan Area. Tax preparation assistance is available in 32 counties.

  • Oregon Public Libraries
    This site will help you find your local library. Libraries are great resources for community events, public service & job search assistance, study space, free Wi-Fi, and literature/movies/CD’s.

  • Oregon Primary Care Association
    Phone: (503) 228-8852
    A non-profit organization made up of community health centers across Oregon that offer health care to those uninsured and underinsured at more affordable costs.

  • Oregon Food Bank
    Phone: (503) 282-0555
    The OFB is a network that provides individuals with food-assistance programs in their community as well as education to create sustainability in regards to food accessibility.

  • QuitDay
    QuitDay is a national online tool which helps smokers and their loved ones identify reasons and strategies to quit smoking in order to help improve their lives.
    Northwest Housing Alternatives