Telling Our Stories: William

Many times, a health crisis and the issues that follow can cause a family to experience homelessness and the trauma that accompanies it.

During a recent day trip to the river with his family, William slipped and fell off a 20 foot cliff.

Suffering five broken vertebras, two broken ribs and a punctured lung, William was left completely immobilized.

The trauma however was not just physical but became a mental burden as well when he could not work during his recovery. He needed assistance during his recovery and his wife was forced to miss three weeks of work, without pay.
Many families like William’s survive paycheck to paycheck, and it wasn’t long before the bills were piling up.

William’s family qualified for Northwest Housing Alternatives’ HomeBase program and we were able to help the family pay some overdue bills, and avoid an eviction, and homelessness.
Northwest Housing Alternatives’ HomeBase program launched in 2009 and we have helped over 500 families made up of over 1,700 people avoid or transition from homelessness.

William has recovered and is now back at work, and the family is once again living independently.

We are happy that HomeBase was able to step in and provide support at a critical time for this family.

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