Telling Our Stories

Caroline, one of Northwest Housing Alternatives Resident Services Coordinators, received a call a couple months ago from a distraught resident at one of our senior properties. The tenant explained that she was in severe pain... Read More

“David” is an 83 year old cancer survivor and was a resident at the Oak Apartments. He began to experience increasing health problems over the past several months. Scott, NHA’s Resident Services Coordinator who... Read More

Doug was homeless “off and on” since he graduated high school. By the time he got in touch with Northwest Housing Alternatives he had lost custody of his son Gaige and had been living in an old bread delivery truck for... Read More

Frank is a colorful character, well known to Downtown Portlanders, and has resided at 333 Oak for almost 30 years... Read More

Being a mom is never easy, but raising kids while experiencing homelessness can be heartbreaking. There is growing number of moms raising their children in housing that’s overcrowded or rundown, and those who’ve lost. ... Read More

“Juanita” lives in one of Northwest Housing Alternatives’ affordable rental communities. She was left alone to care for her two young boys after surviving domestic violence at the hands of her abusive husband... Read More

Too many children in Clackamas County are victims of abuse, sexual assault and family violence. “Kaylie” and her three children have experienced a great deal of trauma but finally felt safe... Read More

Lilly never imagined she would be homeless, let alone stranded with her five children at a campsite outside Estacada. At first her kids were excited by the “camping trip” but they soon tired of living in the cold... Read More

Matt’s vision has been deteriorating for 16 years and his sight will sadly continue to diminish. Living in Portland’s walkable inner SE neighborhood, which offers great public transportation, grocery stores, restaurants, and community parks and gardens, helps him live independently and stay connected to his community.  ... Read More

Tina and her daughter became homeless when their shared living situation became unmanageable and unsafe. Tina was unemployed due to the recession, she had exhausted her savings and friends and family could... Read More

When the residents learned there was a new gentleman moving into Village at the Headwaters, they were excited to welcome hito their building. When they heard that he was transitioning from homelessness and did not have furniture, house wares, or kitchen supplies, they sprung into action...  Read More

During a recent day trip to the river with his family, William slipped and fell off a 20 foot cliff. Suffering five broken vertebras, two broken ribs and a punctured lung, William was left completely immobilized... Read More

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