Telling Our Stories: Patrick

Northwest Housing Alternatives’ Village at the Headwaters is home to 56 senior households. These older adults live on low incomes and many of them have suffered through crisis in their lives. Because of that, they have formed a tightly-knit community where each resident looks out for one another, a true village.

When the residents learned there was a new gentleman moving into Village at the Headwaters, they were excited to welcome him to their building. When they heard that he was transitioning from homelessness and did not have furniture, house wares, or kitchen supplies, they sprung into action.

For his part, Patrick was just excited to know that he would be transitioning from life in a shelter into a home of his own, even if it was a completely empty apartment. But what he didn’t know was that his future neighbors were not about to let one of their own sleep on the floor and were already working hard to furnish his new home.

Residents started looking through their own apartments and began setting aside things like frying pans, lamps and dishes. Peggy, a longtime resident, had an extra bed frame and mattress, and she happily donated it to Patrick.

Other residents offered couches, tables, and chairs, and because they are part of the community too, the couple who manages Village at the Headwaters joined in the effort. The husband and wife started looking around thrift stores and in their own home, and soon had a T.V, a DVD player, and a stereo for Patrick.

When he arrived at his new home, Patrick found it completely set up and ready to go, courtesy of his new neighbors. Those who had helped Patrick were happy to know that he could focus on settling in to Village, rather than scrambling to set up his new home.

With the help of his new neighbors and friends, Patrick was able to focus on working with Julia, his Resident Services Coordinator. With Julia’s help, Patrick was able to start addressing more pressing issues such as setting up his SNAP benefits and phone service, while connecting to local service providers like the Neighborhood House.

Northwest Housing Alternatives creates opportunity through housing. The families, seniors and adults with special needs who live in our buildings, create communities through caring.

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