Telling Our Stories: Lilly

Lilly never imagined she would be homeless, let alone stranded with her five children at a campsite outside Estacada. At first her kids were excited by the “camping trip” but they soon tired of living in the cold, without running water. Camping was the euphemism Lilly and her husband used when they became homeless.

After a week at the campsite when their food supplies ran low, her husband went to town to find day work. He didn’t return. Three days later with almost no food, no car, and no cell phone, Lilly packed up the kids and walked back to town.

She came to Annie Ross House where she found a safe place for her family to stay. It was then she could begin the tough work of starting over. With the help of her Annie Ross House Family Support Specialist, Lilly and her children were connected to the Oregon Health Plan, she qualified for food stamps, her children were enrolled in school and she was connected to many other social services.
          Telling Our Stories
Today, Lilly and her family are doing great. She has earned her GED – a lifelong goal that seemed unobtainable only a year ago – and she’s started classes at the community college. She moved from the Annie Ross House shelter, to its transitional housing, and finally into permanent affordable housing.

She has a job, new confidence in her own abilities and a bright outlook on the future. Her kids are healthy, doing well in school and see their mom as a role model. She credits Annie Ross House as the turning point in her life but we know that she’s done all the hard work.

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