Telling Our Stories: Juanita

“Juanita” lives in one of Northwest Housing Alternatives’ affordable rental communities. She was left alone to care for her two young boys after surviving domestic violence at the hands of her abusive husband. She had no income of her own and her youngest son needed surgery soon. She feared she would have no money to provide for her family.

That was on Wednesday.

By Monday, Ashley Blake, a member of NHA’s Resident Services Team, had met with Juanita and helped her secure short-term rent and utility assistance through the Clackamas County Community Relief Fund. This support made it possible for the family to stay in their home. Ashley gave Juanita the opportunity to discuss her feelings about her husband’s actions and the effect it had on her and her children. Resident Services provided her with a translated domestic violence resource guide, a referral to Los Niños Cuentan – an extension of Clackamas Women’s Services – and guidance to help her as she started to look for a job.

When she found out about all the services available to her –
Telling Our Stories

and learned that she would not have to worry about losing her home; that she would have time to rebuild her family; that she could keep her utilities on and take the time to look for a job – Juanita cried and thanked Ashley: “I don’t know what I would do without your help!”

It has now been almost three months since Ashley first met with Juanita. Her family is stable in their housing, both her sons are healthy, and she has begun working at a part-time job. What felt like an impossible situation for Juanita has become a time of change and growth – with her hard work and the caring help of Ashley, local service partners and the Resident Services Team.

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