Telling Our Stories: David

Telling Our Stories
“David” is an 83 year old cancer survivor and was a resident at the Oak Apartments. He began to experience increasing health problems over the past several months. Scott, NHA’s Resident Services Coordinator who works on site at the Oak, received reports of David’s hospitalization and release almost weekly.

Concerned about David’s rapid decline, Scott intervened and advocated with the Veteran’s Administration to get him into a rehabilitation program to stabilize his health rather than have him bounce from the hospital and back to the Oak every few days.
Several months and two operations later, David and his medical providers concluded wisely that he needed to transition to a permanent nursing facility.

David’s legal representative lives in Idaho and felt overwhelmed at the prospect of sorting his possessions and affairs at the Oak. Communicating with David, his social worker at the nursing facility, and his legal representative, Scott was able to take care of all necessary arrangements. He arranged for David to receive all the possessions he wished to keep. He also helped David fulfill his wish that the balance of his furniture and household items be given to someone needy at the Oak.

David’s belongings were donated to “Sarah” who had recently moved into the Oak from Portland Adventist. Sarah is medically fragile and arrived with little but her clothing and some basic supplies Scott was able to gather through donations from local sources. Sarah was delighted and thankful for what David was able to bequeath her.

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